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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barack Obama And His Liberal Voting Record

Senator Barack Obama is a hard-Left liberal. To that there can be no argument. His record as a state senator in Illinois showed him to have these seriously liberal ideas. He did work on a bill that would have made it illegal for doctors and health care professionals to give any sort of assistance to fetuses that survived a botched abortion. His views on social and political issues are exposed for all to see in this questionnaire uncovered by Politico back in April. No one can say this man is mainstream.

Back in January the National Journal posted the liberal voting records of Senators Obama and Clinton. Make no mistake that both of these people are extremely liberal. But it is telling when Senator Clinton has a couple conservative votes while Senator Obama has one. That bill was Senate Concurrent Resolution 20. The bill, in short, showed the sense of Congress that funding should not be withdrawn from the troops fighting in Iraq.

Both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama voted in favor of the resolution.

You are probably wondering why I bring this up. The reason why I do this -- why Thomas and I focus on this aspect of Senator Obama's record -- is to highlight the sort of presidency we would end up with should he, by some miracle, win the election. He has radical ideas regarding issues such as the economy and the war. But the Democrat party is content to nominate this man.

This should raise eyebrows amongst those self-defined Democrats. His record is extremely liberal. His views are not with the mainstream thoughts of America. He speaks of hope and change, yet he has not been forthcoming with his plans. No one can truly take this man seriously. Yet his followers, his supporters, continue to follow the lead lemming right off of the cliff. Senator Obama is no John F. Kennedy. He is the new George McGovern, and he would govern like Jimmy Carter.

The good news is that if he is elected, we will have four years of misery that will go by quickly and in the end he will be tossed from office in a landslide that rivals the two Ronald Reagan had. Senator Obama is not ready for the big chair. His muddled inexperience will be on display for all. While many will say that John McCain is nothing more than a new Bob Dole. That remains to be seen, but he would be the more ideal person for the role of Commander-in-Chief. At the very least, he will not kill this nation's economy and he will not stand down when it comes to this war.

Senators Obama and Clinton will; the form,er moreso than the latter. Senator Clinton knows how she will have to lead, if she wins. She will have to go by the playbook her husband did -- lead as a moderate. That is not the smart way to do things, but it is far better than the sort of leadership that Senator Obama would engage in. His idea of leadership will lurch this nation to the extreme Left. It would open us up to our enemies. His promised raise of the various taxes will tank the economy into a depression. In short, he will introduce a Euro-socialist sort of democracy to the United States. That is wholly incompatible with what America strands for.

Democrat superdelegates should do some serious thinking. Senator Obama is extreme in every sense of the word, and he is the weaker of the two candidates. He ill bring nothing but defeat and misery to his own party.



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