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Sunday, August 31, 2008

And The Left Cried

John McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has sent the Left into hysterics in vain attempts to attack her. The problem, as Thomas and I see it, is that there is no easy way to do that. Jeff Emmanuel @ Red State has a literal tale of the tape between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

If the attack is she is unprepared or inexperienced, as Tom Brokaw attempted to do this morning then that attack will fall flat.

Sarah Palin has twelve years executive experience as a mayor and a governor.

Barack Obama has none.

They cannot go after her because she is a woman because they know that such a slam would rile up not only conservative women (who are fully behind this capable and competent woman) but it will also inflame Senator Clinton's supporters who still carry a grudge from the primary fight between her and Senator Obama.

The media attempted to spin a line about her not being capable of either handling the job due to her Down syndrome son, Trig, or that she will neglect her job in having to care for him. This is not only preposterous, it goes to show haw badly the media is grasping at straws. Prior to Trig's birth in April, her and her husband were able to juggle their careers and job as parents just fine. Besides, when people here her talk about Trig, when they see her holding him, you cannot say there is not undying love for that little boy. And latching onto this attack will also infuriate the parents who have children with special needs.

There is a meme within the "Leftosphere" that she is under investigation for firing a commissioner in Alaska for his refusal to fire a state trooper. The trooper in question was married to Sarah Palin's sister years ago, and the divorce and custody fight is still raging. The claim is that Sarah fired him over this personal issue. But that is not the case. When the trooper was pulled over, in his patrol car, and was found to be drunk, this was first caused her to take note of it. Then it was discovered he had used a taser on his 11 year old son. Finally, he had threatened Sarah's father while this divorce was going on. His firing, and the removal of the commissioner were necessary, and she was perfectly within her right to do so. Even investigators are saying that, thus far, there "is not there there" when the question comes down to whether or not she overstepped her boundaries.

See this is the thing about her. She is a Beltway outsider, and she has spent her career taking on the corrupt machine in Alaska. This is what has the Left scared. She is a true, blue-collar reformer. They know she is going to appeal to the blue-collar people in this nation, and they know she is making strides with the conservative base; a base that is fed up with the same old song and dance in Washington, DC, and see it as nothing more than a "good ol' boys" cesspool of rampant corruption.

John McCain wanted to pick a vice president that was sound, good, and tenacious. Sarah Palin promises to be that, and more, and that is why the Left is scared of her, and throwing every weak attack in the book at her in an effort to rattle her, or derail her.

They fail to see that she is not rattled or threatened easily. And they would be wise to look at her record of reform in Alaska, and see the political bodies that litter the landscape.



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