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Monday, September 1, 2008

Biden to Israel -- "You're on your own."

HT to Captain Ed for confirming what we already expected.

It seems that Joe Biden informed Israeli insiders that they'd have to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran. (It should be noted that this statement by Biden was made three years ago.):

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was quoted Monday as telling senior Israeli officials behind closed doors that the Jewish state will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran.

In the unsourced report, Army Radio also quoted Biden as saying that he opposed “opening a additional military and diplomatic front.”

Biden, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has long been considered strongly pro-Israel. His nomination as Barack Obama’s running mate had been expected to shore up the Democrats’ strength with U.S. Jewish voters.

Army Radio said Israeli officials expressed "amazement" over the remarks attributed to him.

"Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran," Army Radio quoted Biden as telling the unnamed officials.

"It's doubtful if the economic sanctions will be effective, and I am against opening an additional military and diplomatic front."

Israel has said they won't accept a nuclear-armed Iran, and it's pitiful to see the Democrat veep candidate basically telling them that they're on their own. He and his party are against putting the screws to Iran, which we knew that they were against already given the amount of times they complained about the Bush administration "rattling the saber" against Iran.

Iran is a rogue regime. They are working on nuclear weapons with technology they bought through the AQ Khan network out of Pakistan. No one wants to stand up to Iran out of fear of their reprisal. That could come in the form of Hezbollah cut loose in Iraq, or elsewhere in the West, and that has some European countries a tad worried. But what they don't understand is if Iran is allowed to have nuclear weapons, not only is Israel threatened, but so is the region. Iran could easily engage in nuclear blackmail, and cause an energy crisis with a simple threat.

A nuclear-armed Iran can't be allowed to rise. There is simply too much danger involved. Unfortunately the Democrats don't see the danger. They're still stuck in the 70's with the Carter policy of appeasement. Some day, maybe, the Democrats will wake up and see that appeasement doesn't work, especially with a regime that could care less what the world says when it's speeding towards building nuclear arms.

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